My Multitasking is limited

I used to be a good “multi task”er. Not anymore….

Put the pot on the stove, get the washing machine running, pack my bag on the side, check if my sons had their bags packed, get some coffee ready, remove the first pot and put the next one on the stove and of course sip that coffee whenever I pass it.. It is best taken hot.. right?

That was when I worked in the software industry.

I can’t believe I did this for ten years which is 300 * 15 = 4500 days of my life…

But… you know what…. 15 years later, things seem different. I am 15 years plus older now. And I can’t do three things together without messing at least two of those.

So, what does it leave me with? ONE. The Power of one… So, after a lot of trials and retrials and failed trials… I have come to an understanding with myself.


This is what I do now instead:

#1 — I DELETE as many things as possible from my TODO list
#2 — I try to DELEGATE my headache to someone else. Pass the buck you see…
#3 — I procrastinate. Hears good? Yes, I don’t do it .. if it is not of immediate priority to me. DEFER what I can
#4 — And last — I DO it…. WHAT I cannot delete, delegate or defer… I DO

But trust me.. Being lazy and doing the pass the buck thing…. made me more effective.

Try it yourself and tell me how it worked for you. Being lazy does a lot of good to you. No one will tell you that. :P




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Anu Shiv

Anu Shiv

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